Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Pumps at OVERSEAS MOTORS

OVERSEAS MOTORS Group is an authorized distributor of wastewater treatment pumps from ARO and Finish Thompson Inc. These high-quality cleaners are made in Germany for commercial and industrial applications. These reliable and efficient pumps can ensure the optimal transportation of wastewater and sewage.

The Wastewater Treatment Process

Wastewater treatment involves removing physical and chemical contaminants and pathogenic microorganisms from wastewater or sewage. The treated wastewater will then be converted into an effluent that can be safely reused or released back to natural water resources with minimum impact on the environment.

Wastewater pumps are required to transport the water to wastewater treatment plants. However, it is important to use reliable pumps that can handle the abrasive solids, aggressive chemicals and other waste matters contained in wastewater. Otherwise, you may risk spills and overflows that can cause damage to your facilities and the environment.

At OVERSEAS MOTOS, we provide pumps from ARO and Finish Thompson Inc., two leading global manufacturers for fluid transfer pumps.

About the Products

ARO Air Operated Pneumatic Stainless-Steel Pumps

These pumps are designed for tough, demanding jobs. When you need a reliable, efficient pump for handling and transferring fluids with high solids content, you can count on ARO.

These pumps can easily pump any kinds of abrasive fluids without sustaining damage. They provide a more robust seal that can prevent hazardous leaks. They could also be used in potentially explosive areas because of their pneumatic motor. Most ARO® diaphragm pumps are ATEX certified (CE Ex11 2GD X).

FTI Magnetic Drive Pumps

The FTI DB Sealless Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps are the standard for hydraulic efficiency & corrosive fluid handling. The FTI DB Series is efficient and by lowering your utility costs, it can help lower your cost of ownership. With a carbon bushing, these pumps can run dry for hours without damage. Extensive testing proved that the temperature of the shaft can remain cool even when the pumps are running dry, thus allowing you to immediately let fluid flow into the pump without having to wait for it to cool down.

The FTI DB Series pumps are so reliable that FTI backs it with a 5-year warranty! This is 5-years of peace of mind for you, and no other pump companies can say the same.

With more than 60 years of experience, our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in this industry. We are committed to superior customer service. We have what it takes to fully understand your problems and requirements, and we will make sure to find the right wastewater treatment pumps to suit your applications.

Contact us today and find out the best wastewater treatment pumps available in Singapore for your needs.