Kranzle Quadro 1000 TS T

The Kränzle quadro series combines all advantages from the Profi series and, due to its double axle chassis and its 4 wheels, sets a new benchmark with regard to stability while offering highest conformity during operations that require frequent change of position. In such cases, too, large overdimensioned gears and oil housings are used to noticeably increase the service life during rough industrial operation. And, of course, the integrated hose drum with foldable crank and up to 20 m high-pressure hose come as a standard with many of the quadro models as well as the sturdy shock absorbing buffers and the integrated water tank.

The quadro series. Leading technology on four wheels.

Product characteristics:

  • Large over-dimensioned gears and oil housings
  • Integrated water tank
  • Roto-Mold trolley
  • Integrated hose drum
  • 20 m high-pressure hose
  • 7.5 m power lead with cable reel
  • Ergonomic removable handlebar, also available in stainless steel finish as an option.
  • Turbokiller lance with stainless steel pipe
  • Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle
  • Neat arrangement system
  • Detergent valve
  • Shock absorbing buffers, optionally available in stainless steel finish
  • Parking brake

Technical Specifications
Quadro 1000 TS T

Ord. No. with standard trolley

Ord. no with stainless steel trolley
40,421 0

Operating Pressure, countinously adjustable
30-220 bar/ 3-22 MPa

Max. admissible overpressure
250 bar/ 25 MPa

Water output
16 l/min (960 l/h)

Water output
16 l

Motor speed
1,400 rpm

Connected load
400 V, 12 A, 50 Hz

Power intake/ Power output
7.5 kW/ 5.5 kW

89 kg

Features & Equipment
Ord. No.

Steel braided high-pressure hose, 10 m NW 8

Trigger gun with safety catch
(12,320 2)

Turbokiller lance with stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle
(12,392 2-D2505)

Water filter