Flat Tank Economy Engine Oil Changer System

Flat Tank Economy Engine Oil Changer System

Flat Tank Economy Engine Oil Changer System

Jabsco Flat Tank Economy Oil Changer


  • Stores easily
  • Compact and robust tank design
  • Easy pour spout with screw cap
  • Easy carry handle
  • 3.5 gallon (13 liter) capacity
  • Self-priming, run dry capable pump
  • 12 volt only

Model No.: 17860 Series

  • The Jabsco Flat Tank Oil Changer System simplifies the engine oil changing process, ideal for changing oil in Boats, RV’s, and Lawn and Garden Equipment.Theirs is no need to worry about open containers causing spills when changing engine oils with the 3.5 gallon (13 liter) self-contained unit fitted with a self-priming diaphragm pump and an easy pour spout for emptying.The Flat Tank design allows for easy storage in deck boxes, storage lockers and RV compartments. It’s easy to use with the efficient dipstick suction tube, battery-clamp wire leads and an on/off switch on the pump.



Body Materials Polypropylene
Diaphragm Geolast diaphragm
Valves Viton
Body Materials 2 Plastic container with 3.5 Gallon (13.25 litre) capacity
Voltage 12 (Vdc)
Fuse Size 5 (amp)
Motor Type Includes integral power switch
Cable 6 ft (1.8m) with alligator clips
Product Inlet Fitting 8 ft (2.4 m) oil and heat resistant suction tube
Weight 7.0 lbs. (3.17kg)
Approvals RoHS compliant



1 Models

Voltage 12 (Vdc)
Amp Draw 2 (amp)
Fuse Size 5 (amp)


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