58500 Series Lite Flush Toilet

Lite Flush Toilet


Electric toilet designed with the same ‘footprint’ as a Jabsco manual toilet. Available with single touch fully automatic foot switch or a control pad offering ‘one touch’ ‘fill’ and ‘flush’ options.

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Model No.: 58500 Series

  • Space saving stylish design
  • Compact size, rotatable seat
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Choice of leaving bowl wet or dry after use
  • Non-clogging large bore flush pump macerates waste
  • Uses less than 1.0 amp/hour per day
  • Raw water only.


Flush Pump Internally mounted, high speed, non-clogging,centrifugal, waste macerating pump driven by powerful 240 watt, 12 or 24 Vdc, permanent magnet motor with ball bearings and robust ceramic seal, discharges up to 5ft (1.5m) above the base of the toilet.
Rinse Pump Jabsco, self-priming up to 3m (10ft), dry running, diaphragm water pump driven by 12 or 24 Vdc, permanent magnet, ball bearing motor.
Foot Switch Integral one touch ‘Press and Release’ switch pad, sealed for life.
Control Panel One Touch ‘Press and Release’ switch pad,sealed for life, with 10ft (3m) link cable, fitted quick connector, and heat shrink seal.
Standards Complies with ISO8846 MARINE [Ignitionprotection].
Port(s) Raw Water Rinse pump inlet – ¾” (19mm)hose tails. Flush pump discharge – 1½” (38mm) hose tail.

4 Models

58500-0012 Lite Flush Toilet – Foot Switch
Voltage 12 (Vdc)
58500-0024 Lite Flush Toilet – Foot Switch
Voltage 24 (Vdc)
58500-1012 Lite Flush Toilet – Control Panel
Voltage 12 (Vdc)
58500-1024 Lite Flush Toilet – Control Panel
Voltage 24 (Vdc)


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